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Answers to some of our more common questions...

What are the benefits to visiting the Studio opposed to just shopping online?

When you shop on line you do not get to feel the paper quality, there is little or no assistance with verbiage and etiquette. What you type in is what you will get whether it is right or wrong. Your customization options are limited. When you visit our studio you benefit from years of knowledge on etiquette do’s and don’ts. We can assist you in personalizing your selection to fit your style. We also have a lot more choices to choose from here at the studio than we do on line.

What does embossing mean?

Blind Embossing is a process that applies pressure to both sides of a material to alter the surface, giving it a three-dimensional or raised effect. The procedure involves the use of two dies; one fitting into the other so that the raised die forces the stock into the recessed die to create the embossed impression. There is no ink, toner or outlining in the blind embossing process. The result is a subtle, yet elegant image for your personalized stationery.

What methods of printing do you offer?

Thermography, Letterpress, Engraving, Glaze, Foil Stamping, AkuaFoil, Bellpress, Silkscreen, Flocked, Digital and Flat Print.

What is the turn-around time for ordering holiday cards?

Anywhere from three days to two weeks. Turnaround time depends on the printing method and complexity of the cards. During the peak holiday season (October 1 - December 31) processing times can take up to an additional 5 business days.

What is the difference between engraving and thermography?

Engraving is one of the oldest processes for printing, and it is considered to be the epitome of good taste and elegance. Engraving involves etching the text onto a copper plate. During the printing process, the plate is coated with ink and then compressed onto the paper, creating the printed text in a slightly raised impression and leaving a bruise on the back of the paper. After purchasing an engraved item, the plate will be sent to you with the stationery and it will serve you for a lifetime of fine stationery usage. The process is relatively expensive but well worth the investment.

Thermography is a modern process using ink and a powder resin combined with heat to produce a raised lettering similar in feeling to engraving. Often, thermography is used as a less expensive alternative to engraving on formal invitations, but it is also an appropriate choice for informal invitations and everyday stationery items.

When should I order my wedding invitations?

Invitations should be ordered at least three months before the wedding. Engraved invitations should be ordered four to five months in advance. All of your wedding details, such as date, time, approx. number of attendees and locations should be confirmed prior to placing your order.

When should we mail our wedding invitations?

Invitations should be mailed 6-8 weeks before the wedding.

How many invitations should I order?

We recommend that you order 15-25 more invitations than you think you need. It can be expensive to place a smaller additional order after your initial order has been completed. You will need extra invitations for any mistakes and last minute additions to your guest list. It's also nice to save a few as keepsakes!

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