Crab Bottle Opener

  • $20.00

Crabs have sharp pincers that help them pry mollusks off rocks, and this crab bottle opener from Arthur Court is handy to have when you need to pry open a stubborn bottle of soda. On the exterior, a shiny carapace and curled appendages showcase artistically detailed features made from hand-polished aluminum alloy. However, this crafty crab carries a surprise in its abdomen. Turn it over to utilize a sturdy stainless-steel bottle opener you can reach for to open your favorite beverage in a pinch. Its 3.5-inch diameter provides a wide grip for easy opening. Don't let complicated or unreliable openers make you crabby, use the textured claws to get a firm grip that makes opening tight bottle caps a cinch. This attractive crustacean lies flat and doubles as a decoration for your bar or kitchen counter. It compact size makes it easy to stow away in cupboards or beach bags.

This realistic crustacean curves its eight legs and rubs its two pinchers together, as if sharpening them on your counter. Handcrafted in sand-cast aluminum, the crab hides the opener underneath its rugged shell, giving it versatility as a table accent when not in use.

Diameter: 3.5"