About Our Services

You can shop our convenient online selections. However, there are definite benefits to working one-on-one, with an experienced certified stationery expert.

When you shop online:

         ·You do not get to feel the paper quality or texture. Did you know that what looks like a Navy paper on line is probably just a white card stock flooded with Navy ink.  Meaning the sides and back of the stock will still be white. Not a great look.

         ·There is no assistance with verbiage and etiquette.

         ·What you type in is what you will get whether it is right or wrong.

         ·Your customization options are limited to the options offered with that item.

         ·Those online stationery companies offering free guest addressing aren't actually free, they are using your guests list for their very own marketing purposes.


When you visit our studio for one-on-one consultation and design you benefit from:

         ·Years of knowledge on etiquette do’s and don’ts.

         ·Personalizing your selection to fit your style, your taste and your budget.

         ·An unlimited supply paper stocks textures and printing processes.

         ·Designs here at the studio; the possibilities are limitless!

         ·Value for our client’s privacy. Your guest list is exactly that; your own personal property and we would never dream of using that list for anything other than guest addressing for your events. We believe in doing right by our clients. That is how we have earned the reputation we have and would never dream of violating our clients trust.

Visit our tranquil design studio located in South Yarmouth on Cape Cod.  (by appointment only) Contact us today!   

Studio hours are flexible and we try to accommodate your schedule whenever possible. We are here to make sure your selection is exactly right for you, your event and your budget.

We look forward to meeting and working with you!


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